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Specialists in increasing B2B company sales through LinkedIn.

With our B2B marketing service, we provide personalized and strategic solutions to drive your company forward. From lead generation and arranging meetings with potential clients to closing deals with new customers.
How we do it

B2B marketing isn’t about investing money in advertising without seeing results.

We work with B2B audiences without the need to invest money so that you can have more clients.

Audit of your services

The first step is to understand your services, analyse the market, identify your audience, and pinpoint the ideal customer, so that you know how to reach them.

We present to you the plan

With the preliminary analysis, we will identify the customer profile you’re looking for and design a marketing strategy to show you how we will lead them to a meeting with you.

Starting o ur alliance

Once you approve the proposal, we will start working together as a team, implementing the strategy, and putting the plan into action.

First month, first results

You’ll just need to focus on closing clients; our mission will be to handle all the work so that you only receive the date and time of the meeting with the potential client.

Our B2B sales ‘Funnel’ is your best option.

The biggest mistake agencies make is thinking that everything is solved with simply advertising. We wo r k differently, and that s why we are

Our B2B funnel is designed to reach the individuals who truly make the decisions to hire you, showcase all the value that you bring, and subsequently guide them to book a meeting. Additionally, we will assist you in sales with e-mail marketing and a CRM that will provide the necessary support for nurturing and qualifying your prospective client.

The experience of our digital allies

Pedro Miralles
Pedro Miralles
Enhorabuena a Gonzalo y su equipo! Su colaboración ha supuesto un trampolín en el desarrollo del marketing digital del despacho, sin duda, la mejor decisión que he tomado. Hasta que ellos entraron era bastante mejorable la captación de clientes vía digital, llego Funnel Box y todo cambio a mejor, mucho mejor. Lo calificaría como algo "mágico". Para mí es fundamental entenderme con quien presta el servicio, y Gonzalo lo hace a la primera, es un gran equipo humano, siempre pendiente de lo que necesitas. En definitiva, 100% recomendable.
craftcodedev craftcodedev
craftcodedev craftcodedev
In our academy we were implementing a Marketing strategy that was not working. We met Gonzalo who, through his experience, completely changed our vision and implemented a new idea with a new Funnel. Our way of seeing things has changed. They created a new sales landing page, new campaigns and a new student recruitment system. I recommend them 100%
José Manuel M. S.
José Manuel M. S.
Grandes profesionales del marketing digital; hemos apreciado dominio de las redes sociales que gestionan y, sobre todo, implicación y celeridad de todo el equipo. Hemos conseguido los resultados solicitados. Repetiremos. Gracias y saludos.
Jelena Marjanovic
Jelena Marjanovic
I met Gonzalo when I was looking for a digital marketing specialist to help me grow my L&D business. Gonzalo made a complete study of my business and created a short and long term strategy that enabled me to capture new clients and increase my profit. He is really passionate about what he does and was also passionate about my business and goals. He managed to make sense of my ideas and simplify them to make them actionable. A bonus was his own experience in the elearning filed as he authored a number of great online courses for self-directed learning about digital marketing. I felt very comfortable working with him because I could feel his primary motivation is to help people fulfill their dreams.
B&W Foto video El lugar de la imagen
B&W Foto video El lugar de la imagen
5 years ago we had a physical business in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona but we did not have any internet presence, web page or Social Networks. When we contacted them it was to start with a web page, but they advised us to make a strategy in order to attract customers. Honestly, we were not too clear about it due to investment issues, but as they explained and worked, we began to see results, and to this day we continue working, training, experimenting, and we are delighted with The Funnel Box.

Recommendations on LinkedIn

Nico Ciana
Sales Funnel | Marketing Automation | Driving Business Growth | Specialist in CUSTOMER ACQUISITION.
April 5, 2023, Nico reported directly to Gonzalo
I had the opportunity to share a team with Gonzalo at The Funnel Box and it has honestly been one of the best work experiences I have ever had.
Gonzalo is a person with great abilities for creating and managing projects. I consider to highlight his capacity for resolution, his clarity in decision-making, team leadership capacity and his values.
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Celia Castro
Entrepreneurship | Education | Critical spirit

November 5, 2020, Celia was Gonzalo's client
Gonzalo is an excellent professional. Thanks to him I have learned a lot about digital marketing. It has helped me put abstract concepts into practice to be able to launch a sales funnel, my professional profiles, video editing and much more.
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Julián Chappa
Publisher | Concealer | Ghostwriter | Editor | Editorial consultant at Julián Chappa Editor (1999-2023)
October 27, 2020, Julián was Gonzalo's client
I provided personalized editorial services of "premium" quality and had two decades of experience, but I could not optimize the tools to definitively take off in the international arena: reach my potential clients (authors, institutions, NGOs, publishers and companies from all over the world). who need to publish top quality content in Spanish). "Digital Heroes" not only managed to provide me with that fundamental added value, but the professionalism, experience and empathy of Gonzalo Castro allowed me to capitalize on my dream as a "freelance" editor/proofreader/writer: to specialize in the comprehensive support and advice of authors in the structuring, writing, correction, revision, editing and final publication of your novels and essays. For this, Gonzalo designed a personalized campaign, which allowed me to attract my ideal target audience: Spanish-speaking authors from all over the planet. I highly recommend this service. Behind "The Funnel Box" there are flesh and blood heroes who are passionate about what they do. Thank you so much!
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